Why Vpak Video in Print Brochures?

Its easy to think that all Video-In-Print is the same….that somehow these are pre-made modules which can be pulled of a shelf, add video and voila! …but that is far from the truth.

Since most of what is different is not readily visible, let’s have a look inside and see what really makes Vpak different.

4 Components
Perfectly matched to each other and to your project 

It all starts with the screen

300% more pixels and In Plane Switching (IPS).
Without the geek speak, that means absolutely stunning images from more viewing angles.



Now with the geek speak

Two important factors in a screen are the amount of pixels and control over them. Our proprietary Tru-Def™ screen contains 300% more pixels than the industry standard. For control we use In Plane Switching (IPS). That’s 1,857,600 transistors vs industry standard TFT which has 272,000 transistors. 

Consider a 7.0” screen:

Vpak IPS Tru-Def Industry Standard TFT (thin film transistor)
1080×860 pixels = 928,800 pixels 680 x 400 = 272,000 pixels
2 transistors/pixel = 1,857,600 transistors 1 transistor/pixel = 272,000 transistors
More control over each pixel Less control over each pixel
Greater range of colors Narrower range of colors
Deeper color saturation Lower color saturation
Greater contrast Lower contrast
Higher resolution Lower resolution
Wide viewing angle Narrow viewing angle