You call it stunning. We call it Tru-Def ™
Now available in Gen 3

Only from Vpak, Tru-Def provides 300% more pixels than standard resolution screens. The difference is sharper resolution, richer colors, wider viewing angle and more oohs and ahhs.

vpak__tru_def_hd vpak__tru_def_sd

Actual Unretouched photos

Continuous Innovation by Engineers in the USA

Updateable Vpak™

Provides an easy and convenient method to easily update video content without needing a computer. Built-in software protection to permit only authorized video content to be loaded to the video player.

Bumper Navigation

Bumper Navigation™: Improves the user experience when viewing multiple videos on a player.

User Friendly Navigation

including 5-button console and “Fast Search” to allow easy access to the video you want without “endless” buttons and button pushing. Now it is easy to find the content you want whether you have 5 videos or 50 videos.

Custom Audio

Add custom audio while the Opening Screen displays directly on the piece using built in microphone and software. No computer required!

Multi-Function Control Buttons

Multi-Function Control Buttons allow more functions without adding more buttons reducing clutter. For example, press = next chapter; hold = fast forward.

Overcharge Protection

Overcharge Protection – Built in software to prevent the battery from overcharging.

Paper Booklet Attachment

Paper Booklet attached to inside Left Panel. Patented method to increase print real estate.

Paper Foldout Attachment

Paper Foldout attached to inside Left Panel. Patented method to increase print real estate.

Secured video content

Multiple options for securing video content.

“Soft-Touch®” Finish

“Soft-Touch®” Finish is a luxurious and durable “velvety” finish using superior film lamination technique.

Video Table of Contents

The first video acts as your guide to all other videos by displaying a table of contents.

Vpak Touchscreen™

Hi-tech touch screen controls eliminates the need for any buttons.

Larger speaker for superior audio

Larger speaker for superior audio quality (40mm vs 28mm). There is a reason Vpaks sound better.

Hall Effect Sensor

Our Hall Effect sensor is an elegant and superior way to allow for “auto-start” compared to mechanical slide switches which are ugly and prone to defects.

Film Lamination

Film lamination provides choice of finish and improves durability vs. aqueous coating.

Company Logo on Intro Screen

Your Logo Opening Screen Display can display your logo, or whatever you want.

Automatic Timed Shutoff

Preserves battery life by shutting off Vpak after viewing if no activity is performed (variable as requested).

Maximize Video Screen “Real Estate”

Get the most value out of the valuable screen size. Screen cutout is larger than the play area (rather than smaller) to allow full access to entire screen. “HD Style” printed black frame around screen increases perceived size of screen. Screen cutout edge blackening improves look and increases perceived size of screen.

Paper Wells

Your Vpak can include a “well” for a tear-off pad, USB drive or other premium item.

Paper Wells with Magnet

Built-In Well with a magnetic bottom to the well to hold flash drive. Easy to remove and replace.

Removable Batteries

Your Vpak can be fabricated with a plastic battery case to allow for removable button cell batteries.

Trackable Vpak™

Interested in knowing how often your video content has been watched? We have software that will allow you to track views on your Vpak – pretty useful when you are using your Vpak as a display.

Bass Booster

Engineered improved audio compartment to enhance low frequencies resulting in superior audio quality.