Tips for an Exceptional Custom Video Brochure To Sell Your Product or Services

Are you in search of a unique approach to take your business marketing to the next level? In today’s digital world, basic marketing materials are not enough to best showcase products or services. As technology races to advance, new and more efficient ways emerge and that’s exactly what video brochures do!

A video brochure is a combination of print and technology. It’s a traditional brochure with an LCD screen instead of text and images. The video brochure is an unconventional and innovative method to advertise your business, no matter its size. Plus, the impressive ROI and increased profits show it’s an affordable cost.

Not only video brochures deliver your message extraordinarily, but they help you impress potential clients. They make you stand out among rivals, too.

So, read on to discover the expert tips from Vpak to prepare an outstanding custom video brochure that does successful advertising and generates business.

Decide on the Size

Define the exact aim of the video brochure to determine the most suitable size for it and the LCD screen. There is a variety to choose from – a business card size, a larger presentation size, a custom, etc. 

It’s crucial to match the size and the style of the brochure to multimedia resolution and designated formats of distribution, such as business cards, credit card sized screens, video books, video mailers, or magazine inserts. Such multimedia is the cutting-edge trend to distribute information on fairs, conferences, within physical store locations and even as part of office-interconnected communication strategies.

100s of clients, endless shapes and sizes, dozens of innovations and always reliable.

Use High-Quality Video Screens

Invest in high-resolution screens. Such screens have a higher density of pixels and are clear and well lit. These features make them more harmless and appropriate for the human eye. So, use such screens to ensure a pleasant experience for your customers during the video.

Pick the Right Colors

Choose the colors carefully to make sure you create an attractive brochure. As any experienced salesman would advise, it is the appealing style and good looks that catch your clients’ attention. Go for vibrant shades and add a pop of color for an elegant yet interesting view to intrigue your target audience.

Consider also matte, gloss, softcover, or hardcover you want for your dream design.

Include Essential Information

Now onto the video itself. 

Remember to add all key facts and details about your business when you create the video. 

  • Make sure to introduce the purpose of your business. 
  • Explain to your potential customers about your services and products.
  • Be persuasive. Convince the clients that your services are beneficial to them.

Let the Video Do the Talk

Respectful and agreeable communication is obligatory for the owner of a reliable business. Use your video brochure to provide such communication and establish relations with your intended audience. If a customer already has an interest in you, a video brochure is the perfect follow-up piece to persuade an audience.

Create a Captivating Video

Incorporate innovative media and powerful visuals in the video to guarantee its impact on your future clients. Combine backgrounds, graphics, fonts, etc. in a way to display your product and services at their best. Plan a smooth yet tight visual flow to ensure that your audience pays attention, understands, and remembers the important information from your brand promise.

Think About Audio 

It’s another feature that defines how clients perceive your brochure. Think of the Influence and production of audio to engage viewers captivatingly and thus influence results.

All This is critical to a good video brochure and helps you set that intimate connection with your customers. Thus, they build trust in you and look forward to using your services.

Showcase Experience

  • Plan a video demonstration of how your services and/or products work. 
  • Describe your skills and experience. 
  • Give examples of successful interactions between your customer base and business. 
  • Share how you execute different demands or solve clients’ problems.

 Such a video proves that your business is trustworthy and reliable.

Share Your Contacts

A brochure advertises your business and services, but it also lets potential customers know how to reach out to you. So, have your contact details printed on the cover of the brochure. Besides that, make sure to mention these at the end of the video, too.

This is efficient and encourages viewers to contact you right away. 

Make your Video Brochure Shareable

Take your time and put effort when you create your brochure because it represents you, your work, and your business. Make it easy to read, watch, and listen. The flawless design and execution guarantee that your brand is memorable so people can share it with others.