Vpak SmartBrochure™

An evolution in video brochure technology.
You turn the page, SmartBrochure changes the video chapter — automagically.

Available exclusively from Vpak

Vpak SmartBrochures, an evolution in video brochure technology. You turn the page, Smartbrochures Pages and video chapters are synced.

So what makes the SmartBrochure different?

Traditional 5-button control

All Vpak Video-in-Print brochures have the capacity to play multiple videos. Traditionally, this was managed via a 5-button control panel ­– one of Vpak’s many innovations to improve the user experience.

The SmartBrochure difference

The patent-pending SmartBrochure adds another innovation — the ability to navigate videos and have context specific printed content by simply flipping a page in the brochure.

Using micro-switch technology, the SmartBrochure knows which page of the brochure the user is viewing and instantly displays the appropriate video automatically – no buttons required.

In addition to the convenience of allowing seamless viewing of multiple videos, the SmartBrochure provides additional “real estate” for context specific printing, potentially eliminating the need to have separate collateral print material while watching the video presentation.

The SmartBrochure can be fabricated to hold up to 7 context specific pages with matching videos and is available with all screen sizes currently available.

The SmartBrochure™ is available exclusively from Vpak®

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